Let’s face it – the keto diet ain’t for sissys.  We face the keto adaption phase after every cheat day, we monitor our ketone levels constantly and sometimes overcorrect a carb-filled snack with a spoonful of coconut oil.  Sound familiar?

All this for what? To enter the state of ketosis, of course.


After about a year and a half of a moderate ketogenic diet, my taste buds started despising the taste of coconut oil and I needed to find other solutions to get my fats in for the day.  The fats are really a means to an end – in other words, I am only sponsoring this expensive diet because I want to get in a fat-burning state– ketosis– ASAP.  Luckily, I came across a product to get exongenous ketones in my system faster to keep me in ketosis without needing to scarf down too much expensive coconut/MCT oil.

Most weight loss supplements get a bad rap, especially when they blend nothing useful but synthetic minerals that are of no practical use.  This product is NOT a “weight loss” product– this product is a Fat Loss Supplement.

For someone who is struggling for a healthy way to live life to the fullest, supplements can be a great option when coupled with the right diet and exercise!


Sometimes when there is a lot of extra fat on the body, it is difficult to see the results from exercise so supplements can help people see results faster. But choosing the right supplement can be a hassle, so that’s why we’re covering a popular supplement used with the keto diet.

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a low to no-carb diet that pushes the body to the state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when people lead a low carb diet.

There are many keto diet-related products on the market to consider when designing your diet, and the Pruvit Keto OS is likely an option you’re already considering for exogenous ketones.

New to the Keto Lifestyle?

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What is Pruvit Keto OS?

pruvit keto os productPruvit Keto OS is a keto diet supplement offered by the Pruvit company.  In essence, Keto OS refers to: Ketone Operating System.  Pruvit Keto OS is an exogenous ketone supplement that comes with many benefits.

For one, the supplement serves as a performance enhancement.  In addition, it provides efficient fat loss while also aiding in the prevention from diseases.

Pruvit Keto OS has inflammatory properties and contains a patented formula of ketone mineral salts which help to synthesize proteins to increase energy to the body.  This in effect, helps you to lose weight without harming the body.

The Pruvit Keto OS product is promoted to help produce 38% more energy than carbohydrates and sugars which aids to help build muscle in the body. You can also call it a “diet supplement” which gives new and better ways for providing ketones to the body.

The product is lab-tested and approved by some of the most renowned doctors in the world.  Studies have shown that the Pruvit Keto OS supplement can be beneficial for people who are dieting. Many dieters have experienced rapid weight loss — due to fat loss– after adding this to their daily workout regiment.

Features of Pruvit Keto OS:

  • Increases energy
  • Effective protein synthesis
  • Useful for rapid fat loss
  • Improves mental stability
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases sense of well-being

Pruvit Keto OS – Is it safe?

After completing your research, you’ll find that the product is completely safe.  The product has certification of purity, efficacy, and consistency from the laboratories.  Exogenous ketones have been promoted as one of the quickest methods of entering into an entirely natural metabolic state.   For people losing weight, this product can provide confidence to couple with your weight loss plan.

Staying on a ketogenic diet can be difficult for many people, especially those who are using the product for the first time. The keto diet is famous for the “keto adaption” phase which can cause fatigue, muscle aches and headaches upon entering the state of ketosis. If you are new to this diet, make sure to follow the whole ketogenic regiment and eat well.  Apart from this, it is essential to get regular exercise, drink lot’s of water, and maintain your healthy diet.

Keto OS contains almost 110 calaries, but when combined with fats, carbohydrates and proteins, it nets up to 75 calories– not bad, eh?

How does it work?

Got KetonesWith Pruvit’s reputation for making solid products, many people on the keto diet trust their process to ingest ketone-generation in the body. By just mixing the powder (contained in the product) with water, you are are on your way to benefiting from exogenous ketones. It is recommended to have at least two serving (2 cups of mix) per day.

Though a detailed list of ingredients is not available to the public (they want to protect their secret sauce, apparently!), the primary active ingredient in Keto OS is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate. This is the same substance created in the body naturally during ketosis.

When you consume Keto OS daily, your body will enter in the biological state of ketosis which provides a variety of health benefits. The supplement also has minerals and vitamins included in the mix, too. You can also get a caffeine boost by taking the product.

    The Keto OS comes in a variety of sizes to choose from. Though you will likely benefit when using the product, there is a 3-month money back guarantee if you would like to return it in the future. The main advantage of Pruvit Keto OS is to help you enter into ketosis safely and help to lose weight naturally. When you start taking the product, you will likely see a rise in your energy level, too.

    How does it taste?

    Keto OS comes in a variety of flavors. The product includes a sweetener to enhance the taste. It doesn’t taste bad, actually! My favorite is the Orange Dream (2.1).  Many people also add crushed ice to their serving for smoothies.

    Keto OS Flavors

    • Keto OS Orange Dream 2.1 – The orange, tangy taste is the updated version of the product. It tastes just like an orange creamsicle! Plus, if you add a dash of lemon on it, it tastes just like lemonade!
    • Chocolate Swirl 3.0 – Provides a chocalaty taste and helps to relieve you from gut issues, too. In this mix, the ratio of BHB salts is a little higher than other flavors, and it’s capable of fighting the problems, like, gastrointestinal upset.
    • Max Maui Punch – It is one of the most advanced flavors– a nice fruity punch drink that is easy-to-drink!

    How to Drink Pruvit Keto OS?

    Pruvit Keto OS comes in powdered form which makes it easy to mix in 8 – 10 oz of water. Blended with mineral salts and coconut extract MCT oil, it provides faster results (than other keto diet supplements on the market) when taken regularly.

    It might be best to start drinking 1/2 a serving in the morning for 3 to 4 days, at first, so you can allow your body to adjust. For the first week, you can gradually increase the dosage (up to amount as listed by the company).

    Does the Pruvit Company have a good reputation?

    Pruvit is well-known for their transparency and genuine products. Their keto diet products help with fat loss, migraine control, increase energy, improve mental focus/clarity and provides other benefits (fight bad cholesterol, increase performance, neuroprotection, etc).

    Will it help me lose weight?

    Your body type and discipline plays a big role in not only the keto diet, but any fat loss diet. Many people have reported to drastically lose weight in as little as 10 days while others see minimal results. The product has worked for other people on the keto diet. In fact, many people call it the “Pruvit OS effect” due to effect it has on the body.

    Are there any side effects?

    Besides increased urination (which is common on the keto diet), there aren’t any harsh side-effects. The product is completely natural. Our bodies are designed to flush out the extra glycogen that is stored in the form of fat.

    Note: If you have a history of kidney stones or you body is sensitive to salts and iodine, you should consult a physician before purchasing the product.

    Dosage: You can have up to three servings three times a day. It serves as a great pre-workout supplement due to the supplement having caffeine which helps you to feel more energetic and full. You will not feel hungry going to the gym!

    What raises ketones in the body? What are the effects?

    In general, the human body primarily runs on glucose. When the body is low on glucose (or if you have diabetes), it starts breaking down fats for energy. The breakdown of the fats into an energy source yields to the rise of ketones.

    Symptoms of Ketone Build Up:

    • Dry mouth
    • High blood sugar level
    • Frequent urination
    • Confusion and fatigue
    • Flushed skin

    Keto OS



    • BHB
    • Natural flavor
    • Malic Acid
    • Stevia
    • Caffeine
    • MCTs

    Are you in search of improving your metabolism? If so, we suggest you check the Pruvit Keto OS product which features many ingredients to cater to your health needs.  

    Plus, it is scientifically tested to help you lose weight without many of the negative side-effects in other supplements!

    If you are struggling to find the best price on Pruvit Keto OS, you can rest assured because we did all the leg-work for you!

    What are the Benefits?

    Apart from living the keto diet lifestyle and weight loss, in general, Keto OS also features other health benefits.

    Here are some of the top benefits:

    Kills your appetite naturally

    Starving for food is often coined the worst side-effect of dieting and it’s one of the main reasons why people feel weak and fatigued when dieting. With Keto Os, you get the benefits of the keto diet and aren’t reminded biologically that you’re hungry — because you will experience “being full”.

    Cuts a greater proportion of abdominal cavity fat

    Some people have more fat on the belly, while others have more fat on their hips and thighs, but it’s the abdominal cavity where most of the fat lives. Abdominal cavity fat can have harmful effects. Having a lot of fat can drive inflammation, insulin resistance and can cut down your metabolism. But, by taking Keto OS, it can help you to lose pounds of fat without the extra effort. Used regularly, it can provide even more benefits.

    Reduces sugar and insulin levels

    When taking Keto OS, the sugars are broken down in the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream to minimize sugar levels in the body.

    Stabilizes mood

    The product can calm the mind, bring alertness and help to stabilize the mood, generally.

    Besides the benefits listed above, their money-back guarantee is one that especially impresses diet conscious users. Pruvit Keto OS results in fat loss without affecting the body, and this is the reason why its the best and most popular product available on the market. Whether you are an athlete trying to get lean or you are overweight trying to shed some pounds, Pruvit Keto OS can help you.

    Note: Try to drink at 100 ounces of water when you are using this supplement. Since it’s higher in sodium, it will automatically tax your hydration resources. Keep it mind, it is normal for your body to adapt to the change (just like when entering into ketosis).

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