When you’re looking for a way to remain in a state of ketosis, and the normal habits you’ve implemented (into your routine) aren’t working, you might be considering some alternative way to get yourself back in ketosis.  Using exogenous ketones are a new to get into ketosis almost instantly.  We are covering the Raspberry Ketone Max Review in our series of exogenous ketones reviews.


Most people want to look attractive, and so they try to monitor their health and body appearance. But if you have a desire to reduce your weight and bring the figure to a smaller size, there are effective dietary supplements for weight loss. Such nutritional supplements have different effects on the body, but as a result, there should be a decrease in body fat.

The keto diet provides a comprehensive approach to the problem of obesity, and rapid and long-term weight loss becomes possible with this new way of living.  You can lose weight with proper nutrition, maintaining active physical activity, as well as the use of special supplements. Biologically, active supplements help to get rid of excess weight.

The problem of releasing excess fat is solved differently for each person.  Modern life– always going at a fast pace– does not allow to only to attend gyms for burning fat, but also to maintain a diet because low-calorie and meager food reduce tone and vitality. In this situation, safe and effective dietary supplements will help to achieve this purpose – as they are natural vitamin complexes.

The purpose of any dietary supplement is to eliminate the fatty layer in problem areas, to strengthen immunity and to stabilize the work of internal organs. It’s no secret that unhealthy eating deprives the body its daily portion of nutrients. Over time, if a person is living an unhealthy lifestyle, the person becomes weak, loses concentration and loses the ability to work normally. Oftentimes, with this type of lifestyle, a set of fat layers and accumulation of harmful cholesterol occurs in the body. By taking dietary supplements, you can get rid of these problems quickly.

In fact, dietary supplements are recommended not only for women to lose weight but for men who monitor their health. Moreover, dietary supplements can reduce the need to appoint a doctor to a patient who has various health problems.  For example, bowel disorders, elevated cholesterol or diagnosed vitamin deficiency can often be reduced with supplements.

As the future unfolds, it is possible that in the presence of excessive body weight, it will be dietary supplements as the go-to for fat loss.

Raspberry Ketone Max Review

Introducing Raspberry Ketone Max: the wonderful new solution to obtain ketones so you can get into ketosis faster!  This supplement is known also for it’s berry aroma— one in which was originally identified by food producers decades ago for it’s smell of berries used in candles and sweets.  More recently, attention to the use of ketone raspberries has drawn attention for uses in dietary supplements for the use of exogenous ketones.  This has resulted in a proprietary blend of a supplement to help you get into a state of ketosis, while also consuming a supplement which tastes great!

What is Raspberry Ketone Max?

Raspberry Ketone Max is a dietary supplement for fat loss and one of the activating components is found in raspberries. The “Raspberry” of “Raspberry Ketone Max” is obtained from raspberries, namely by a synthetic route. Used in the food industry, the ingredients of Raspberry Ketone Max is often used in the field of sports nutrition, as a fat-burning component.

The Science of Raspberry Ketone Max

In 2004, Japanese scientists studied the actions of raspberry ketones on the body of laboratory rats. Researchers fed rats with high-fat foods, including 0.5%, 1% or 2% raspberry ketone for 10 days. In another experiment, the rats were fed fatty foods for six weeks, after which they were fed the same food for five weeks, but with a 1% ketone content of raspberries. After the end of the study, the results were very surprising!

In the first group studied, the amount of fat was reduced, and in the second group, the amount of fat accumulation decreased. In addition, the amount of fat in the liver decreased, which improved the filtration capacity of the liver. The scientists came to the conclusion that the reduction in the amount of fat due to the potentiation (of noradrenaline and epinephrine) caused by lipolysis in lipocytes (fat cells) was to be credited to the raspberry ketones.

During the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine, the disintegration of lipids (fat) is stimulated. It has also been shown that HSL (the hormone of sensitive lipase) is involved in the movement of fat into fatty acids, for burning, with the release of a large amount of energy when they are in the lipocytes. To date, there is no research on humans using raspberry ketone for the fat burning effect (mostly due to lab costs).

The people who use this supplement observe a fairly strong, prolonged and sustained impulse at the energy levels, though.  In addition, the body temperature increases, which indicates effective thermogenesis by using the supplement.



We all know how difficult it is to lose fat.  There are several diet guides available, though, a quicker way for entering into ketosis is with the use of exogenous ketones– via supplements.  All supplements aren’t created equal.  That’s why we put together this guide of keto diet supplement reviews to help you along your journey.

ketogenic diet foodsWhat is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet (aka “keto diet”) is known as a low to no-carb diet that helps the body enter into a state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when people start a ketogenic lifestyle.

There are many keto diet-related products on the market to consider when designing your diet, and the Raspberry Ketone Max is likely an option you’re already considering for exogenous ketones.

New to the Keto Lifestyle?

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Features of Raspberry Ketones Max:

  • Promotes the burning of fats and removes fluid from the body
  • Accelerates cellular metabolism
  • Narrows pores and removes greasy shine of skin
  • Tightens and tones the skin
  • Gives the skin smoothness and elasticity

Raspberry Ketone Max – Is it safe?

This supplement is deemed safe as a way to lose weight without needing to lean on expensive pharmaceutical drugs that contain dangerous chemicals. Raspberry Ketone Max consists of a natural phenolic compound, which is the main component in the supplement.   The aroma of the supplement is of raspberries, and is often contained in essential oils.

Japanese scientists have discovered the ability of raspberry ketone to accelerate metabolism and allow the body to safely dispose of excess calories and accumulated fat. The process of fat burning does not affect the muscles, but gives them a beautiful shape and tone because in the process of utilization, fat is sourced for the body.  That is, not only in the fat stores on the abdomen and thighs, but also the fat accumulated by the body between the muscle fibers and internal organs.

This supplement increases the production of the main fat-burning hormones: epinephrine and norepinephrine. In its chemical structure, the ketone of raspberry is similar to capsaicin, a component contained in red pepper, but differs in that it does not irritate the skin, does not cause burning and redness, and this supplement can be used even with sensitive skin. It is actively used in cosmetic and
perfumery, food industry, as well as in the production of sports nutrition.

Raspberry ketones, which is found in cosmetics, food and food additives, is artificially synthesized from intermediates.  Using natural techniques, it would cost about $20,000 per kilogram for the finished substance– so it’s unlikely you will get a completely natural, squeezed out of a juicy raspberry product!  In the industry, it is obtained by different methods, some allow to reduce the cost of production so that the price of the substance obtained will be five times lower than that of the extracted from berries.

Raspberry ketones are considered harmless for ingestion so it is used not only for external use (in the perfume, cosmetics) but also as
an aromatic additive for sweets, ice cream, baked goods – everything that must smell of raspberries.

To improve the taste and flavor of edible and raspberry ketones have been used since the last century, but its wide fame as a means to
lose weight, has only recently been noticed recently.

Does Raspberry Ketone Max Really Work?

According to scientific studies, and reviews from actual customers, Raspberry Ketone Max is a safe, effective product and is continually rising in popularity for those looking for a solid solution for gaining exogenous ketones while on the ketogenic diet.

How it became clear that raspberry ketones help to get rid of excess fat? The fact is that its chemical structure is similar to the structure of many long-known fat-burning substances. For example, capsaicin (contained in hot pepper), and zingerone (obtained from ginger) contain fat burning substances. Scientists believe that the contents in Raspberry Ketone Max can achieve a similar effect.

In the scientific work of Japanese scientists in 2005, “Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone” (“The action of raspberry ketone against obesity”) states that in mice given large doses of this substance, the increase in body weight due to a fat diet was statistically significantly less than in mice that did not have a ketone.

In 2010, the mechanism of the action of the crimson ketone (article “Raspberry Ketone Increases Both Lipolysis and Fatty Acid Oxidation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes“) was studied in more detail. Scientists have found that raspberry ketones stimulate norepinephrine-dependent fission of fats in cells and the release of fatty acids into the bloodstream, followed by their excretion.

How to take Raspberry Ketone Max?

Take one capsule with water twice a day, or two capsules before training. Use with a reasonable diet and exercise program. This is the optimum dosage necessary to achieve successful fat loss. Since it is impossible to ingest this amount with fruit alone, the supplement nicely fills the gaps.

Note: Do not exceed 1000 mg per day. If you have a thyroid disorder, you need to consult with a doctor.

Raspberry Ketone Max Supplement Ingredients:

  • Chromium 65 mcg
  • Pure Raspberry Ketones
    300 mg
  • Green Tea Extract 550
  • Caffeine 400mg
  • L-Theanine 16 mg

Where to buy Raspberry Ketones Max?

You can order the product from any retailer which provides the supplement, including, Amazon.

Are you in search of increasing your metabolism? If so, we suggest you check the Raspberry Ketone Max product which features many ingredients to cater to your health needs.

Plus, it is scientifically tested to help you lose weight without many of the negative side-effects in other supplements!

If you are struggling to find the best price on Raspberry Ketone Max, you can rest assured because we did all the leg-work for you!

What are the Benefits?

Apart from living the keto diet lifestyle and weight loss, in general, Raspberry Ketones Max also features other health benefits.

The formula is filled with antioxidants that protect cells and increase energy. The formula is also designed for vegans as well. Raspberry Ketone Max contains other natural ingredients, that gives you other added benefits of taking this supplement.

For example, L-Theanine, which is contained in this supplement, is a component has been proven to increase alertness and may offset caffeine jitters by increasing neurotransmitters GABA and serotonin which produce a calming effect, which balances the caffeine intake that is in this supplement.

Some of the top benefits for Raspberry Ketone Max, include:

• Accelerate the circulation of mucus, which helps to quicken the ketone induction in the body.

• Help to eliminate the accumulated “stocks” of calories to fat in the body

• Accelerates your metabolism.

• Tones body, and reduces flabbiness of the skin — it helps us to be not only slender but
also beautiful!

Note: Some claim that raspberry ketones are useful even for pregnant women (acts as a relaxer for the uterus, and makes it easy to give birth), and diabetics (lowers blood sugar levels).

To Sum Up

In conclusion, raspberry ketone is a pure natural component and effective help to lose weight. Raspberry ketone supports the reduction of body fat in two ways. First, a decrease in fat absorption and, secondly, an increase in induced norepinephrine lipolysis.

In another study, the researchers were able to demonstrate that the raspberry ketones was able to inhibit the activity of alpha-amylase and participates in the dietary enzyme in breaking and absorbing starch and sugar helping to reduce the proportion of fat. That is why Raspberry Ketone Max is recommended for all people who want to achieve effective weight loss in a short amount of time.

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